You are Known for the Company You Keep

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Specialization is the name of the game these days. In your pursuit for expert support, have you ever found yourself in a situation where—after making a decision and signing on with a service provider who touted life sciences specialization at every turn—you quickly learned that how the provider delivered that specialized service—and by whom— was not so special after all?

Competency shortfalls can have a dramatic effect inside the halls and outside the walls of a life sciences company. Expecting one level of a team’s credentials and competencies—and receiving something drastically inadequate— can be a painful and time-consuming experience that should be avoided at all costs.

When it comes to language translation service provider partnerships, here are 3 things to consider to help ensure that the team you work with will be in alignment with your requirements and expectations:

Vetting process

In today’s highly regulated life sciences environment, it is imperative to verify the knowledge and qualifications of linguistic and subject matter expert resources who will handle important clinical and regulatory documents. Global clinical trials could require 500 to 750 different document types translated into 50 or more languages.

Lionbridge Life Sciences is committed to partnering with the most qualified linguistic talent that the industry has to offer.  We identify highly specialized linguistic professionals by adhering to a structured multi-step recruitment process. The goal of the Lionbridge Resourcing team is to build the most competent team possible to support a variety of global life sciences projects.

Life sciences resource qualification lifecycle:

Resource qualification lifecycle V2

Subject matter expertise

For most life sciences companies, translation is not a core business activity. Other issues – from patients to patents, discovery to development, branding to business – take precedence. At Lionbridge, we understand that life science companies count on us to deliver competencies that complement the credentials of their in-house teams.  Our Subject Matter Experts have deep disease-state and/or therapeutic expertise to ensure accuracy and quality across deliverables.

Subject Matter Expertise - Life Sciences Translation

Working together principles

In order to build the most effective life sciences translation team, all involved stakeholders must have a deep understanding of the requirements so that the expectations of the internal and external team members align accordingly. Transparency and clear communication are fundamental to positive and productive working relationships whose foundation is built from a fully-validated process.

At Lionbridge, we work closely with our customer stakeholders to refine, document and deploy optimal processes that will achieve maximum efficiency, cost savings and accuracy.

The takeaway

Dig deep into a team’s competencies and processes before signing on with a language service provider to make sure that you will be in good company. For more information on Lionbridge Life Sciences Translation Partnership requirements, please visit:

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