Where Does Content Ownership Sit Within Your Business?

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One of the many curiosities of the modern digital marketing landscape: Who owns the content? Does it make sense to assign marketing, digital, or maybe a designated content team? Does this responsibility even need to rest on one team, or can it be shared across various sectors?

Based on a recent report we published in partnership with Econsultancy, this infographic takes you on a journey through how leading organizations and mainstream brands appoint content ownership. Whether B2B or B2C, you can use this data to see how your organization measures up to competitors.

Content Ownership - Lionbridge

Download the infographic here.

Want to know more about how your competitors handle content? Download the full, free report here.  


Where Does Content Ownership Sit Within Your Business?

Where does content ownership lie within your organization? We teamed up with Econsultancy to survey industry leaders and mainstream brands—categorized by the level at which they measure content success—to learn more about how the two differ in their processes. Use this infographic to determine how your organization measures up based on our findings.

“It’s not just everyone in the marketing department who should own content, it’s actually everyone in the whole company. Social media means that everyone in the business is a brand ambassador and everyone needs to be empowered to produce content that is in line with guidelines.”

—Alberto Viotto, Senior Director, Web Marketing and Strategy, DocuSign

First things first, is there clear ownership within your business for internationalization of content?

–          Yes

–          No

60% of leaders strongly agreed to having clear ownership, as compared to only 14% of mainstream brands.

Where does content ownership currently sit within your business?

–          It’s shared across functions, i.e. digital marketing, dedicated teams.

–          We have a single, dedicated business function.

–          Everyone in the business is accountable.

–          We have an agency/multiple agencies.

Leaders are more likely than their mainstream peers to say that all or most content is the responsibility of “a single designated business function” (30% versus 18%). Meanwhile, mainstream companies are more likely to say their content is shared across functions (67% versus 54%).

Who in your organization is responsible for measuring the impact of content?

–          Analysts

–          Marketing

–          Brand marketing

–          Product

–          Content

–          Digital

–          Local market

–          Site editors

–          Agencies

–          C-suite

Leaders are twice as likely as mainstream companies to assign primary responsibility to analysts (46% versus 23%),while mainstream companies are more likely—by a small margin of 45% to 43%—to assign responsibility to the marketing team.

The results are in: Which are you?

Does your organization emulate the practices of industry leaders or their mainstream counterparts?

Download the full report for an even deeper dive into the characteristics that differentiate leaders from the mainstream.

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