Meet the Pride Worldwide: Peter Mico

Name: Peter Mico Peter Mico

Hometown/Lionbridge Office:

I live in Čadca, Slovakia. The Lionbridge office in Žilina is only 30 km away.

Job Title:

Business Unit Manager

How long have you been at Lionbridge?

Almost 13 years in total, but let me explain the total 😊. I was with Lionbridge for 10 years at the beginning of my career, then I spent a decade with other loc companies, and now I am glad to be back.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Emails in the morning is the habit. Meeting days from Mondays to Wednesdays and a quieter agenda on Thursday and Friday.

What is your favorite place in your office?

Forest, our large meeting room from where I can see a different side of Žilina .

What is the best part of your job?

Being in the center of the language technology industry, working in international teams, and always learning something new.

Fill in the blanks:

I speak 2 languages (list them!)

Czech – this is an easy one for Slovaks.
I can also speak a little Russian and Polish.

My favorite local saying is ______, [and it means ______, if not English].

My favorite local saying is “Ešte nikdy nebolo tak zle, aby nemohlo byť ešte horšie.” It means something like, “things can get even worse”. Though its original meaning is to reflect bad times, my takeaway is positive — to take life as it is.

A tourist visiting my city shouldn’t miss…

The Museum of the Kysuce Village. It is an open-air museum in Vychylovka, the landmark of the Kysuce region where I live.

My coworkers would say my weirdest habit is…

Good question, need to ask them! 😊

Outside of work, I always make time for…

Going outside. Either to relax with my family or for long bike rides in the summer or challenging ski tours in the winter.

My hidden talent is…

I thought it would be playing violin. It was not 😊.

Watching victory of my favorite sportsman makes me roar.