Global Innovation Symposium 2017: AI and CX Lessons from Silicon Valley

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We hosted this year’s Global Innovation Symposium (GIS) at the Glass House in San Jose, CA with one mission in mind: bringing together some of Silicon Valley’s brightest minds to talk all things artificial intelligence (AI). Over 225 registrants were treated to Ted Talk-style presentations on how current AI technology can be applied to a business and marketing strategies.

Lionbridge - Global Conference CA

To kick off the day, founder and CEO, Falon Fatemi, walked the audience through the power of AI and what it means for the future. Her talk touched upon the rate at which we can finally process information overload in the digital age, noting “there is more information created in a single day than we could possibly absorb in an entire lifetime.” Fatemi mapped out the layers of information we have access to, looking something like this:

  • Devices: All connected devices speaking to each other
  • Social: All of our personal and professional relationships
  • Individuals: All information related to a particular person (location, calendar, emails)
  • Environmental: Physical surroundings, traffic, and weather

These layers of information help shift the output from analysis and mere “number crunching” to judgment and actionable insight.

Next up was Ben Levy, cofounder of AI venture capital firm BootstrapLabs, sharing his thoughts on the importance of investing in applied AI. Levy stressed how AI is disrupting every industry—with examples from manufacturing and agriculture to transportation and healthcare—and how, by investing in applied AI, we are uncovering the future.

At this point attendees may have found themselves wondering, why AI now? According to Levy, it’s because processing, storage, and bandwidth is doubling faster than ever before and leading to major advances, making this the time for startups and investors to stay ahead of the curve.

Providing some comedic relief, Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase, had the crowd almost in tears as he gave an overview of “AI in an ABM World”—turning data into insights into action for sales development reps and streamlining the buyers’ journey through account-based marketing.

Lionbridge - Global Conference CA

Christian Monberg, CTO of Zeta Global, followed up with an honest discussion about AI, optimization, and empathy at scale with the latest advancements in technology—complete with pop culture references everyone could appreciate. He enforced three points: listen, connect, and create. In his mind, AI is not a product, it’s a strategy. As such, it should be part of your customer experience (CX) strategy, your data strategy, and your introspection strategy.

After a short refreshment break, Chris Mann, CEO of BrightFunnel got the crowed re-energized with a look inside how to leverage BrightFunnel’s technology to tell the stories hidden in a company’s data for better storytelling and improving the customer journey.

Last, but certainly not least, Mikhail Naumov—winner of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 2016 and founder of AI-powered customer care startup DigitalGenius—took the stage. Naumov made a compelling case for leveraging AI-powered systems to enhance the customer care experience:

Human AI

Plus, he showed us what the AI for CX landscape would look like:

Mapping Landscape

To wrap things up, our SVP & CMO, Clint Poole, moderated a fantastic panel of globalization experts that included Mimi Hills (Director of Product Globalization, VMware), Anna Schlegel (Senior Director of Globalization, NetApp), Katell Jentreau (Globalization Manager, Netflix), and our own Global Program Director, Alex Poulis. The panel covered everything from how a cohesive customer experience affects product, digital, distribution channels to technology advancements in the language industry, including neural machine translation, automation, natural language processing, and voice recognition.

Lionbridge - Global Conference CA

Overall, the day provided a packed schedule of boundless content on AI and technology advancements and how they can only continue to enhance the global customer experience. To see you off, here are our top three takeaways:

  • AI eliminates guesswork by gathering and analyzing vast amounts of data.
  • Every software platform (and UX) coded in the past 20 years needs to be rewritten with an AI-first approach.
  • Empathy knows no borders, and the platform you use to understand individuals shouldn’t either.

Couldn’t attend #LionGIS? Check out some of the tweets from attendees, and stay tuned for details on next year’s event.

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