How to Translate Digital Marketing Content [Infographic]

If you’re a marketer, you know how important your web presence is. It’s your organization’s face to consumers around the world. And if you target international markets, you also probably understand the value of professional translation and localization in global digital marketing—and the importance of a customer-friendly, multilingual website.

But how do you create such a website? When it comes to website translation, there’s no single experience. Every project is as different as its languages and locales, target audiences, translation types, and more.

So how do you plan for it all? Through preparation and a focused localization strategy, you can overcome complexity to accelerate time-to-market, contain costs, and enjoy a highly profitable investment in your company’s future—all while providing quality, locale-specific content to a world of new prospects and customers.

For an overview of this process, check out the translation infographic below. It walks you through the stages of a typical web localization project—and highlights common processes, technologies, and best practices you should consider.

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