Most Common Languages Worldwide [Infographic]

There are thousands of languages spoken all over the world, which can make effective global marketing an overwhelming and tedious task. Focusing on the most common languages spoken in your target market is the most efficient way to begin building your global presence; however, many continents are home to more than you might expect. So, what are the most common languages spoken worldwide? Here’s a map:

Most Common Languages - Map

Download the full infographic here.

In a world so vastly different from one region to the next, navigating a global market can feel intimidating. Ready to take the leap? Watch this short video to learn more about taking your in-market success global.



Most Common Languages Worldwide

Consider which languages are most commonly spoken in each country to avoid limiting communications to potential customers.

North America

English (70%)

Spanish (9%)

French (3%)

Chinese (1%)

Other (17%)


Russian (22%)

German (12%)

Turkish (9%)

English (8%)

Italian (8%)

French (8%)

Polish (6%)

Spanish (6%)

Ukrainian (4%)

Other (17%)

Latin America

Spanish (58%)

Portuguese (33%)

Creole (2%)

English (1%)

Other (6%)


Other (58%)

Arabic (17%)

Swahili (8%)

French (6%)

English (4%)

Kwa (4%)

Hausa (3%)


Chinese (34%)

Other (34%)

Hindustani (12%)

Bengali (8%)

Indonesian (6%)

Japanese (3%)

Punjabi (3%)

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