#CMOChat Series: Finding Balance in Global Marketing Campaign Resources [Video]

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So, you’ve decided to go global and already have a localization and globalization strategy built out. It may feel like you’re way ahead of the game, but do you have the right global marketing campaign resources in place to manage the process? If not, your whole strategy could fall apart. At this stage, you’re likely facing the difficult decision to either outsource the entire process or build internal capabilities. But why not have both?

Drew Fortin, Vice President of Marketing at The Predictive Index, joined the panel at our Global Marketing Symposium to discuss success and learnings his organization faced when going global. One thing (of many) we applaud Drew and his team for is their ability to balance both internal and external resources to improve global marketing campaigns.

When the time comes to expand your global presence, marketing teams have to decide whether to outsource services or handle them in-house. While there is no right or wrong answer, to make your brand and marketing as tight as possible, allocating a blend of both in-house and outsourced global marketing campaign resources could be the perfect solution.

For example, if your content is created by an inside copywriter, designer, and localization project manager, but you outsource the videographer, everyone from design and product teams is fully vested in the project. This allows for more control over source content which, in turn, drives the quality of your target market content. With the right technology, framework, and teams in place, your global marketing strategy will have that little bit of everything extra it needs to be successful.

Drew joined Lionbridge CMO Clint Poole for our #CMOChat series to discuss how his organization improved their global marketing campaigns by finding the right balance of internal and external resources. Watch the brief video below:

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