A ‘Sirius’ Recap: Our Favorite Moments (and Takeaways) from SiriusDecisions 2017

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Las Vegas, a destination perhaps best known for celebrity parties, neon lights, and tall tales of winning big at the roulette tables, attracted a different kind of crowd last week as SiriusDecisions Summit 2017 took over the world-famous Venetian Luxury Hotel & Suites. We were fortunate enough to be among the elite community of more than 3,000 B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders. After a week chock-full of breakout sessions, insightful presentations, and conversations with peers, we needed some time to look back and reflect on a Sirius-ly amazing summit.

With thoughtfully prepared tracks and sessions geared toward specific titles, the SiriusDecisions experience was easy to tailor, ensuring maximum potential for a week of relevant and interesting content. Of course, our favorite part of the summit was meeting up with customers and hearing feedback on our services— but some of our favorite sessions were the sponsor case studies, which provided real-life examples of frameworks and marketing technology at work. These sessions allowed us to hear pain points in launching marketing programs and developing best practices straight from the horse’s mouth.

A particularly interesting case study we were lucky enough to sit in on was delivered by Nina LoCicero, Global Manager of Digital Marketing at Rockwell Automation. LoCicero’s presentation focused on translating and localizing all three of Rockwell’s websites. Her open and honest exhibition of Rockwell’s experience from simply translating website content to completely rethinking their strategy and overcoming common content challenges provided a sense of relief to everyone in the room facing similar challenges.

Nina LoCiero, Global Manager of Digital Marketing at Rockwell Automation, presents at SiriusDecisions Summit 2017


We were also delighted to catch Rafael Renovato, Marketing Operations and Vendor Manager at Cisco, as he discussed Cisco’s approach to creating a more efficient and cost-effective global framework. Renovato provided the audience with an engaging and in-depth presentation of how Cisco adjusted their global team implementation and structure to go from inconsistent creative and missed deadlines to efficient collaboration and a 4.79 customer satisfaction rating.

Overall, the obvious theme was putting a more strategic focus on personalization through ADM channels and third-party software solutions. This tied into the idea of reenergizing the demand generation model, specifically through the newly unveiled demand waterfall, which essentially says we should be more targeted with how we are moving people through the buyers’ journey to a closed/won opportunity. From our perspective, the idea of personalization and optimizing user experience is only going to grow as providing a seamless experience for your customers and prospects is imperative to gaining their trust and interest in your product.

While SiriusDecisions Summit 2017 came and went in the blink of an eye— everyone walked away with plenty of nuggets to start implementing into their own organizations and the Lionbridge team is already looking forward to SiriusDecisions Summit 2018— will we see you there?

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