Paying it Forward in a Customer-Driven World

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In a service business, a longstanding business relationship is often the greatest measure of the value derived by each organization.

Lionbridge has been proudly serving as the translation partner to a global medical device manufacturer for more than a decade.  This longstanding relationship has offered Lionbridge the opportunity to bring forward new strategies. The premise to one such strategy was in its ability to leverage the accumulated market knowledge and centralized technical content as a basis for creating a brand new type of content— and to respond faster and better to new translation needs.

Leveraging translation expertise

Ongoing translation and localization services for technical manuals and other associated content pieces supporting the use of Lionbridge’s  client’s medical devices have been mainstay services over the years. This has led to the establishment of a dedicated team of experts in the field. When our client asked us to initiate a new program translating customer support cases on their medical devices, we were able to swiftly respond by building another dedicated field team that Lionbridge was able to independently train due to the accumulated knowledge and strong base of centralized content.

The result? Eliminating the need for client-led instructional device training allowed Lionbridge to immediately focus on translating the important customer feedback  and glean key insights. This led to accelerated program deployment and high quality delivery from the start.

Paying it forward

With demonstrated expertise and successful outcomes on translating support cases, Lionbridge was given the opportunity to translate customer feedback on a client’s line of consumer products. Successfully paying forward the knowledge and centralized content from the medical side of the business enabled a rapid transfer to the equally important consumer side.

But the story doesn’t stop there. The insights gained from the consumer translation programs were communicated to the client’s respective global marketing teams to further leverage the input. Customer wants, needs and unique terminology is now being better reflected in all global marketing communications programs.

At the end of the day, finding new and better ways to serve customers is a shared goal, regardless of the business type.  It’s important to remain open as to how these new ways can be identified and to be resourceful in tapping into the existing knowledge and assets that can be foundational to paying forward future opportunities.

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