onDemand wins the 2016 Technology Innovator Award for CV Magazine

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In order to be a market leader, businesses need to keep on top of market challenges by using their expertise to listen to the changing needs of existing clients and adapt to the moving landscape of the industry. For the translation industry, the biggest challenges are speed, complexity and quality. For example, businesses need to translate content as quickly as possible, and frequently it needs to be done last minute, and this can result in a rushed job which we know affects the quality. A lot of hard work goes into developing and creating a strong brand across an organisation. Therefore, its imperative the right amount of attention is spent on ensuring clients material are accurately translated to reflect local relevancy.

Since 2013, Lionbridge has been addressing these challenges with our onDemand portal. onDemand is a secure, one-stop web portal that enables users across global organisations to quote, upload and complete a wide variety of translation jobs without additional administrative, sales or technical support. The online self-service solution delivers high-quality, fast-turnaround translations for content ranging from documents and HTML email to eLearning materials, social media content, RFP responses, and more.

The primary benefit of the service is that it results in less time being spent on pulling quotes together and shuffling files around, so our team of experts can work as an extension of the client and spend more time ensuring a global brand’s voice is well represented across multilingual assets.

Over the last few years, Lionbridge has placed significant effort into our onDemand service to ensure it is the most innovative, streamlined translation portal on the market today. So it’s an honour that the service has received CV magazine’s 2016 Technology Innovator Award.

A winning strategy

Most translation companies require a member of their staff to review every file submission, manually derive a quote and determine a delivery date. These clients lose valuable hours with their pre-process methods for tasks. We have taken this long process and transformed it so it is completely automatic. With onDemand we have the ability to commit to an automated quote and delivery date upon the uploading of files.

We have always listened to our clients and have found most companies prefer a single point of contact for all needs. When developing Lionbridge onDemand, we created a Customer Success role that stays with the client from the first conversation. This representative is available to answer questions, assist with projects, onboard stakeholders and pull in operational experts for more complex needs as opposed to working with multiple people making it difficult to know who to turn to in times of need.

It’s an exciting time to be in the translation industry, as global online-marketing practices continue to innovate, businesses are needing to use translation and localization services more than ever before, and we are constantly adapting to the fast changing needs of the market. In the past 12 months alone, the onDemand service has helped 667 clients, which will continue to rapidly increase as more customers use the platform. We are thrilled to have achieved this awardas it is  a solid reflection of the  innovation we are accomplishing at Lionbridge and re-affirms our position as a market leader in the translation and localisation industry.

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