How to Be a Global-Ready Retailer [Infographic]

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Retailers are always on the hunt for innovative ways to reach their customers and enhance online shopping experiences. Digitally savvy consumers are a tough crowd, challenging brands to forget what they knew about retail conventions. In response, many retailers have found success by employing a wider variety of digital channels.

“Omnichannel commerce” – encompassing mobile apps, online stores, and social media, to name a few – isn’t a new retail buzzword. Yet, this multifaceted approach still generates a lot of confusion among global retailers. Gaps in their strategies are then likely to disrupt cross-channel, cross-continent experiences, which can only mean lost sales opportunities.

As no two consumer paths are alike, developing a multilingual experience to suit each unique need is a huge challenge. But when you think locally, it’s easier than you think.

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How to Be a Global-Ready Retailer? Get Local!

Consumers around the world have embraced omnichannel retail. But as boundaries between retail and ecommerce disappear, brands struggle to deliver consistent experiences to global customers.

Localization—meeting global customer expectations by giving them authentic and relevant brand experiences—is the key to being a global-ready retailer.

Omnichannel takes your brand global, localization makes it personal.

Did you know?

On average, top global retailers host 3.9 languages and 2.7 social networks per website.

The most popular languages online are English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, and German.

A website with 10 languages can access 95% of the world’s wallet.

58% of consumers prefer to receive promotions and discounts via email.

60% of customers expect service in their native language when reaching out to brands.

Millennials prefer webchat and social media 3x over phone support.

Mobile (m-commerce) will represent 50% of e-commerce sales by 2018.

Facebook is the most popular retail social channel, supporting 70+ languages


Throughout the customer lifecycle, localization makes the difference.

Improve global customer experience: Real-time multilingual, multichannel support

Leverage global social: Social media listening, communities, forums

Streamline global digital marketing: Advertising, email campaigns, international SEO, m-commerce, web localization

Optimize global operations: Product inventory mgmt (PIM) systems, category mapping, APIs for content & commerce platforms, business intelligence & data analysis


Global success stories

How localization delivers for micro-multinationals and global brands alike:

  • eBay sellers achieve 8x greater revenue when they localize their listings
  • A lifestyle and fashion site optimizes for mobile enabling users to upload daily outfits and connect globally
  • A luxury fashion brand publishes its newest designs online in 10 languages, with 24 hour turnaround time
  • A global technology brand manages localized campaigns across 75 worldwide markets

Best of all, becoming global-ready is faster and easier than you think. Cloud technology, global experts, and self-service tools make multilingual omnichannel capability accessible to everyone.

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