#CMOChat Series: 4 Ways to Harness the Power of the Digital Customer Experience [VIDEO]

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In case you missed him, Cody Crnkovich, Head of Platform Partners & Strategy at Adobe Marketing Cloud, discussed the power of customer experience in a consumer-driven climate at our Global Marketing Symposium (watch his presentation here). He mentions in his discussion how digital customer experience strategies should deliver the right content to the right person at the right place at the right time. As today’s ever-changing technology solutions and globalization rapidly evolve the industry, customer expectations are higher than ever and information needs to be accessible at any time on any platform.

This means your customer expects a seamless experience whether on mobile, in a store, or on a website, and rightfully so. CX is no minuscule initiative, especially when you consider customers’ increasing demand for customization and personalization.

Striking the perfect balance between consistency and local relevancy is essential to your brand’s global success. The following are best practices to create culturally appropriate content that meets the needs of your entire audience, regardless of where they are located:

  •          Understand your audience: Digital customer experience trends and shifts in technology are constantly changing consumer behavior. It is now more important than ever to keep track of customers’ desires and vicissitudes in order to adapt to them. This ensures you are producing relevant content, while significantly increasing speed to market.
  •          Drive personalization: Today’s consumers require access to information in ways that make them feel valued. This means marketers need to present personalized, relevant content that is tailored to local regions. While personalization is key in any meaningful digital customer experience strategy, it can only be effective using customer insights. As such, marketing leaders must deploy data analytics across platforms to gain a deeper understanding of consumer preferences and align those strategies and tactics accordingly.
  •          Think global: Being global means being mindful of various cultures’ business processes in order to work, connect, and succeed in those countries. By planning and thinking globally, marketers can drive loyalty among many different audiences, providing value no matter where they are situated. To determine which channels are the best investments, you must first consider each market’s buyer personas, identify teams responsible for implementing your digital customer experience strategy, and make sure you have the necessary technologies and tools to do so.
  •          Partner with the pros: As brands continue to expand their reach and market to global audiences, utilizing market expertise can help refine digital customer experience strategies and campaigns. Digitally savvy marketing teams often partner with localization experts and language service providers to ensure accuracy and consistency in high quality, locally relevant content.

Any successful digital customer experience strategy starts with engaging your target audience with value-driven campaigns. Through an understanding of consumer penchants and digital customer experience trends, your organization can confidently deliver an experience that helps build brand loyalty.

Cody joined Lionbridge CMO Clint Poole for our #CMOchat series to discuss consumer expectations, challenges, and how to manage a global digital experience. Watch the brief video below:

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