10 Tips for Successful Marketing Automation

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The internet has changed the way that B2B buyers buy, and demand generation is key to responding to this change. Using Marketing Automation to drive your Demand Generation, you can deliver more relevant communications to the right people at the right time.

To get you started on the right path, we’ve compiled the following marketing automation tips, complete with the do’s and don’ts as well as what you should take into consideration as you deploy marketing automation:


Get a good strategy together, consider cost, quality, speed and risk – and breakdown your project into people, processes and systems. 40% of IT projects fail because of poor planning. Source: Watts S Humphrey, IBM 2005


Identify the technologies that best fit your in-house resource and skillsets – and your existing systems. 65% of management decisions are now based on data (not guesswork). Source: MIT 2011


Start capturing behavioral, online, and sales data. You need to get your data in good shape to make the most of behavioral triggers. In 2011, 80% of the top 1,000 websites used tracking technology. Source: Ensighten 2011


Effective communication is key to getting senior stakeholders, contributors, partners and the channel on your side. 7 weeks a year are lost by workers seeking clarification due to poor communication. Source: National Assoc. of Prof Organizers, 2012


Develop a content plan. Understand the four types of content you need (broadcast, sticky, trigger and community) to develop a Marketing Automation platform and plan accordingly. Half of all sales are lost because of poor content. Source: KissMetrics 2011

6. SoLoMo

Learn how SoLoMo – social, local, mobile – can make an impact on your business. B2B is using more localized targeted messages than ever before, often messages delivered on mobile devices. 65m Americans use social, location based services on smartphones. Source: CommerceInMotion 2011


Understand your customer journey. Look at every possible touchpoint and interaction – and maximize every touchpoint with a sales message. It is six times easier to sell to existing customers than prospects. Source: Harvard Business School


Demand Generation programs can deliver excellent ‘drip’ leads on a daily basis but you need planning first, and patience later, to make it work. Detail matters and can return handsome dividends. Twice as much time spent on ‘urgent’ rather than ‘important’ tasks. Source: Stephen Covey, 7 Habits


Work with your sales and product teams along with other stakeholders throughout the process. Marketing Automation blurs the lines between departments and becomes much more collaborative in approach. 66% of sales teams don’t believe marketing ‘works’. Source: IBM – Breaking the Feud 2009


You won’t reach utopia instantly. Put your projects into phases with clear goals at each stage – and communicate it internally. Setting sensible goals helps manage expectations and ensures the project stays on track. No.1 cause of project failure? – lack of direction and goals. Source: Pink Elephant Conference 2012

Congratulations, you are now ready to begin your marketing automation journey. Want to know more? Check out Ledger Bennett’s quick guide on Marketing Automation.

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